Customer Testimonials

Bulldog Security appreciates your comments & gratitude over the past years.

We would like to thank every customer that takes the time to comment on their product purchase and or experience. The testimonials and comments posted in this section are from the customers that purchased Bulldog Security products and in no way have been compensated for their opinions and or statements. We do reserve the right to remove personal information as deemed necessary to protect the customers identity.

Dear Bulldog,

Thank you guys and gals...who work at Bulldog, You make the BEST PRODUCTS...I have installed two of your starters and have had nothing but good luck with them! They always seem to just work and last! In the past I have had other people install Remote Starters for me that was not yours. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!  JUST KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU DO....PEOPLE LIKE ME DO NOTICE!!!


Dear Bulldog,
I purchased your remote car starter for my wife’s 2003 Honda Accord. We live in Henderson, MN where it was 10 below all last week. We only have a one car garage and it is unfortunately filled with supplies for my business. This leaves my wife’s car outside all the time. So it was either build a new garage or put a remote car starter on her Honda Accord. Needless to say I purchased and installed your Bulldog starter and now my wife is happy. Thank you for saving me thousands when I can’t afford to spend that in these economic times.

One Happy Husband

To whom it may concern,
I received your car starter for Christmas and just wanted to say it is the nicest gift I have received in a long time. My neighbors are jealous every time they see my car warming up in the driveway. What a great gift for anyone. I wish I had invented something so clever.

I usually do not take the time to write thank you letters but felt compelled to say how much I love my new remote engine starter. This is the greatest thing I ever bought for myself. I did have a harder time installing on my 2009 Pontiac Vibe but your tech support gave me some great pointers. I would recommend the Bulldog to everyone I know.

Thanks, again..Kimberly L. B., Bloomington, KY

Hello Jerry,
Thank you so much for helping me figure out which alarm system would suit me best. The Model 2010 was exactly what I was looking for!

I appreciate your advice!

Cory D., Indianapolis, Indiana

Hello Bulldog People,
I have always wished I could have one of those automatic starters for my Ford Escort, now I do! Thanks to Robbie for helping me with my questions.

Wes L., Winter Park, Florida

Mr. Barta,
As a mother of three children under the age of five, I am writing to tell you, I don’t know what I’d do without my Remote Starter! I love it! Every parent should have one installed in their car. I no longer have the hassle of leaving my children alone inside while I go out to warm up the van.
I can do it from inside my kitchen.

Mona J., New Brunswick, NJ

Thank you for helping me figure out what to buy for my grandson’s car! He will love having an alarm. Ever since his car was broken into, he has been so worried.

I will recommend Bulldog Security to all my friends,

Janice T.,Olney, Maryland

Thank you Bulldog!
I will never have to get in a cold car again! Your automatic starter changed my life!

Joe K., Ellet, Ohio

I spoke with you the other day about your Bulldog RS1100 and RS1200, I am so glad I did call and speak with you regarding the differences. I went with the RS1200, I need that longer range to start my car from my office window.

I thought you were very thorough and patient, thank you!
Nancy Elizabeth E., St. Paul, MN.

Mr. Barta,
I just want you to know how helpful and polite Susie was when I called with a concern. I was worried I bought the wrong Remote Starter for my mother’s car, she not only reassured me I got the right one, but, helped me find the install diagrams for my brother-in-law to install it.

She will be so happy to start her car and warm it up or cool it down before she gets in.

This will be a great Mother’s Day!
Charlotte R., Washington D.C.

Jerry, you were a big help with teaching me how to use my new 2030 Alarm. Once I hooked it up, I knew it was right when I made it go off…”System Armed!” I’ve had my car broken into several times, I cannot wait to scare who ever tries it again.

It’s nice knowing I have this now,

Justin C. , Salt Lake City, UT

Bulldog Security,
My old car was too old to install a remote starter, I finally upgraded to a Ford Bronco! It is so incredible to have a starter, and I love being able to find it in a crowded parking lot, too!

J.T.L. , Kenmore, TX

Love my new alarm system,
I purchased the 2030 Talking Alarm, I just wish my kids would get away from it now..”You are too close to the vehicle, please move away!” I believe is the favorite right now! Well, it works!

Lucy B. , Oakland, New York

This thank you is for Robbie.
Robbie, Once again, just wanted to express our gratitude for your patience with our father. We heard that you spent at least an hour helping him on the phone with his install questions for his new Remote Starter. He was so happy to do business with a company that truly puts their customers first.
He’s been telling everyone about the wonderful service and how fun it is to have his car start from “the push of a button”. I thought with service like this, I would take a minute to write your company and let you know how happy you made him.

John L’s Daughter, Sylvia, Eugene, Oregon

Bulldog Security…saved the day!
I’m not over exaggerating when I say this. I parked in the church parking lot for my Thursday night quilting circle, which, I always thought was a safe area. We learned otherwise, when someone tried to break into my car! The alarm went off and we all heard it, by the time we got outside, no one was there. But, it could have been a bad situation.
I’m glad my kids insisted I let them install it, I’m so glad I did. After that night, we learned there had been some break-ins in the area!

I feel safe now,

Thanks again, Joan P. , Manchester, New Hampshire

Bulldog Tom,
Thanks for your help with my RS1100, I wasn’t sure it would work on my wife’s car. Glad I could just pick up the phone and speak with someone there. You were a big help!
I will be ordering another one soon, when my daughter starts driving and we find her a car!

Larry M., Johnson City, Virginia

Bulldog Security Systems,
I just moved to a neighborhood outside of Chicago, I just wanted to let you know how comforting it is to know my car is installed with your 2030 Alarm System. I don’t worry anymore about my car parked out on the street at night.

Amanda T., Greektown, IL.

Mr. Barta,
I wish to thank you and your team for the excellent way that you have treated me. 

I have witnessed that you all have the ability to make your customers feel special and important. Thank you, in particular, for the time that you have spent With me even after I called three times in one day with questions.

Ben J. , Durango, CO

Your Website Diagrams were very helpful! Thanks!

LeRoy K. , Bangor, Maine

The environment created by you and your team at Bulldog Tech support is warm, friendly, efficient and helpful. Thank you for your excellent service.

Mark P., Akron, OH

Bulldog Security,
I love the RS82! I don’t know why I lived without this product for so long! I am now, a life long fan of your product! I’ve already recommended it to several of my friends with small children.

Syndi M. , Altoona, PA

I appreciate all the pointers you gave me when considering what to get for my daughter’s new car. We ended up just getting her the Keyless Entry system for now.

Thanks for your advice.

Judy S., Lakewood, NJ

Mr. Barta,
I’ve only had my Remote Starter System for a few weeks now. I don’t know how I lived without it! Thank you! Also, my brother helped me install it and he had to call your technitians once or twice, I think he spoke with Mike, and he was very thorough and nice.

Mr. D., Sioux City, IA

I appreciate the time you took helping me read the diagrams. I never did any sort of mechanical work before, so, I was very worried I wouldn’t get it right.

I did helped a LOT!

Bart S., Sidney, South Dakota

I wasn’t sure which Remote Starter to get. I’m glad I called your tech people. I never thought of range and how I would need the most range for my car. I’m glad I checked with your helpful staff. Now, even if I have to park in the back of the parking lot at work..I can still start the car from my desk. It’s so nice to get in the car, once it’s warm!


Martha J., Little Falls, NY