Our Mission

Bulldog Security, produces the industry's most innovative vehicle alarms, remote starters, keyless entry systems and starter immobilizers. Our mission is not only to design and manufacture the highest quality systems, but also to produce exceptional products that are affordable, reliable, easy to install and use.

Bulldog Security is a vertically integrated company. We make our own products using state-of-the-art equipment and robotics which results in very little hand assembly to produce a more precise product. We also utilize robotic assembly and testing for tight quality control and highest standards which has resulted in the success and growth of our company, and making Bulldog Security a respected name worldwide.

We are constantly developing new products to meet the demands and lifestyles of our customers. Bulldog Security uses many patented elements during manufacture such as a dual stage shock sensor that is not sensitive to temperature or aging.  We also use a powerful, cost-effective microprocessor in every alarm which allows the system to recognize changes in electric current such as the difference between the dome light or electric fan coming on. This stops false alarms and allows us to minimize the components used in our systems resulting in lower costs and more reliability. Bulldog Security is the only manufacturer capable of building indestructible vehicle protection and convenience systems which cannot be damaged by improper installation.

You can find Bulldog Security products, as well as technical support, on the internet at www.bulldogsecurity.com. In addition, Bulldog Security has a toll free Technical Support Hotline to provide installation/ programming assistance at 800-878-8007.