Frequently Asked Questions


If you have an RS1100 or RS1200 and your vehicle runs for several seconds, shuts off, restarts, runs, and shuts off again, perform the following step: Connect the Black/White tach wire (from the 16 pin plug) to the heavy gauge White Ignition 1 wire and program the unit for Tach Mode (bottom of page 19).

Remote Starter Install Video
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If you have a 4 button remote, you must ground the black/blue hood pin wire (raise hood if hood switch is installed). Apply 12volts to blue/black brake wire (press and hold brake pedal if wire is installed). Press and hold any button on your remote until clicking and flashing stops. Unit will now respond to the remote. Remove ground from hood pin wire and voltage from brake wire. If you have a 2 button remote, hold brake and press any button on the remote until clicking and flashing stops.

Q: - I plug in the module and I get no response…it acts like the module is dead.
A: - If power and ground are ok, switch Park Light switch to (+). If it starts clicking, the unit is in safe mode.
Q: – I lost the Remote Control to my DIY Alarm, where can I purchase a replacement Remote Transmitter?
A: – To purchase an extra REMOTE CONTROL contact Access 2 Communications, Inc., at 1-800-659-0764, have the Installation Manual along with the Model number for your unit when ordering a new Remote Control.
Q: - Are there batteries in the push button Remote Transmitters?
A: - There is an A23 or A27 Remote Control battery in the remote transmitters. To open the transmitter, insert a coin in the groove at the top, press down and twist the coin and the two halves will separate. When you are finished changing the batteries, snap the two halves of the remote back together. Other Remotes have screws to remove and replace.
Q: - I Arm the DIY Alarm System, then I open the door, the Alarm does not sound, why?
A: - You must wait at least 1 minute or longer after Arming before you open the door (Dome Light Must turn ON) the vehicle to test the Alarm System.
Q: - I purchased a universal Bulldog Replacement Remote Control, it will not work, why?
A: - There are (2) two types of Remotes, a NON-PTC or fixed code, and a PTC or Rolling Code, all Remotes look the same, but will not work because you got wrong type of Remote for your unit.
Q: - I have a 2001I and everything works, but when I open the Door and the Dome Light turns on, the Alarm does not sound, why?
A: - Make sure you are WAITING at least (1) full MINUTE, for it to fully Arm, if the ALARM still does not go off (FULL ALARM), make sure that when a door is opened that a Dome Light turns on, if it does, the unit may need to be serviced.
Q: - I ordered a New Remote Control for my Alarm and I cannot get them to program in what is wrong?
A: - Check the I.C. CHIP on the CIRCUIT BOAD of the NEW TRANSMITTER to see if it HAS the same NUMBER of LEGS as your WORKING TRANSMITTER.
Q: - When I connect up my D.I.Y. Alarm, I do not have any Range to my unit, did I connect it up wrong?
A: - If you have tried moving the YELLOW ANTENNA wire in different directions under the Hood and cannot get the RANGE on the unit to improve, there may be a problem in the RF Section of the unit and it will need to be serviced.
Q: How do I enable my Talking DIY Alarm to say "Please move away from the vehicle"?
A: This is done through a simple adjustment of the shock sensor. Disarm the alarm and press and hold the Finder button until the alarm says "Please adjust sensor now". Hit the vehicle, open handed, directly above the alarm. The alarm will respond by saying "Thank you". Next, arm the alarm and wait approximately twenty seconds. Now hit the vehicle, open handed, directly above the alarm. Now it will respond by saying "Please move away from he vehicle". The unit is now adjusted properly.
Q: What is the Yellow wire on the back of the DIY Alarm for?
A: This Yellow wire is the unit's antenna. This receives the signal from the transmitter. Make sure that you DO NOT connect this directly to any metal or to electrical wiring under the hood.
Q: Will my D.I.Y. Alarm operate my Bulldog Security Remote Starter?
A: Currently, no Do-It-Yourself unit has a second channel output capable of connecting to a remote starter. If you wish to use an alarm to control your starter, you would need to upgrade to a "Pro-Series" system. Please contact "customer service" for more details.
Q: Can I get an extra Remote Control Transmitter for my D.I.Y. Alarm?
A: Extra remote transmitters can be purchased through Access 2 Communications, Inc. Contact them at 1-800-659-0764.
Q: How does my DIY Alarm know when the door is opened?
A: The alarm's microprocessor is capable of sensing current change through the battery voltage. When the door is opened and the dome light is turned on, the microprocessor notices this change in the current status, activating the alarm.
Q: Why doesn't my DIY Alarm give me a Warn-Away when you approach the vehicle?
A: The Warn Away responds only when a direct impact is applied to the body. A harder impact after this initial Warn-Away will set the alarm off in full alarm.
Q: I connected power to my DIY Alarm but it doesn't respond.
A: Make sure the unit is securely mounted with all three screws to the metal body of the vehicle. Also make sure the black wire from the unit is attached to the bracket bolt. If this is all in place, check the white fuse holder and make sure the red power clip is connected firmly to the (+) positive side of the battery.
Q: Where in the vehicle should I mount the Alarm?
A: The unit should be mounted as high up and as far back in the engine compartment as possible. It does not matter if the unit is mounted vertically or horizontally, as long as moisture cannot gather in the siren bell.