RS-102/102E, 202/202E, 602E (WHITE MANUALS)

W/tach-tachless switch:

Q1: Short run time

A: 1. Tach switch set to tach mode, tach wire is not hooked up.

2. Bad ground or low voltage, no voltage on RED16 ga. wire on 18 pin harness.

Q2: Start re-engages 10 seconds after remote starting:

A: 1. WHITE/BLACK 12ga. wire from relay pack is not connected to the proper ACCESSORY wire that turns on the charging system on the vehicle.

A: 2. Faulty charging system. (ALTERNATOR or BATTERY)

3. Battery charger connected to vehicle while trying to remote start.

4. Crimp connectors.

Q3: Car starts, starter stays engaged, then unit shuts down:

A: 1. Tach switch is set to tach mode but the tach wire is not connected.

2. Tach wire is connected to the wrong wire on the vehicle.

Q4: Press any button on remote and the trunk pops:

A: 1. Bad ground or no power, low power on the RED wire in the 18 pin harness (blown fuse)

Q5: As soon as the unit is plugged in the vehicle starts to crank.

A: 1. No power on RED wire in 18pin harness. (blown fuse)

Q7: when you unlock the doors by remote, the vehicle tries to crank or when you have vehicle remote started, and use remote to unlock doors the vehicle shuts down.

A: 1. Use a relay to turn on the dome light supervision function.

Q8: Plug in unit and on-board relay chatters, pull on parking lights chattering stops.

A: 1. Check power and ground on the RED and BLACK wires on the 18 pin harness. May be a blown fuse.

Q9: When the RS-602E is armed and you open the door the alarm does not sound.

A: 1. The door pin trigger was not programmed to polarity of the door pin switch.

Q10: When the RS-602E is armed and you open the door the alarm, does not sound until you close the door.

A: 1. door pins have be programmed for the wrong polarity, clear the memory e-prom and reprogram door pin.

Q11: When the RS-602E is armed the shock sensor output does not function.

A: 1. the door pin function has not been programmed.

Q12: When the RS-602E is armed, the unit use to chirp when arming, it now only locks and unlocks doors, but alarm still works.

A: 1. Unit has been programmed for silent arming, follow instructions in manual for programming silent arming off.

Q13: I bought an extra remote for my unit and followed the instructions for programming in a remote but it does not work.

A: 1. Program new remote this way, press and hold the brake, press and hold the START button on the only working remote until the parking light flash 1 time then release the button, press and hold the START button again on the same remote until the parking lights flash for a second time, then release the start button, now press and hold the START button on the new remote until the parking lights flash a third and final time, release the start button and the brake, now try both remotes.....

Q14: The only way the vehicle will remote start is if the brake is held.

A: 1. BLUE/BLACK wire is connected to the wrong brake wire.

RSA-102/102E,202/202E, 602E (BLUE MANUALS)


Q1: Short run time

A: 1. unit is programmed for tach mode with out tach wire connected.

2. clear e-prom of unit.

Q2: With unit installed, when you step on the brake the starter tries to engage.

A: 1. Check the 12 v constant on the RED 16ga wire on the 18pin harness.

A: 2. Blown fuse on RED wire in 18 pin harness.

A: 3. BLUE wire is connected to the brake wire, and not the BLUE/BLACK

Q3: Remote starter keeps grinding the starter after activation, when the unit is programmed for tach or tachless mode.

A: 1. Wire are not in the correct order in the 3 pin harness

A: 2. Relay pack is improperly wired.

Q4: When you press start button, the ignition comes on but the starter does not crank.

A: 1. Make sure that all 3 RED wires on the relay pack are connected to 12v constant.

A: 2. Make sure vehicle has no anti-theft system.

Q5: Parking lights do not flash when the start button is pressed.

A: 1. Hood pin wire is grounded.

A: 2. Brake wire is connected up improperly.

A: 3. Ignition input wire is connect to a constant power wire or wrong wire.

Q6: Remote starter has a very short crank time.

A: 1. Brake wire has 12 volts on it.

A: 2. Hood pin and brake wire are confused and hooked up improperly.

A: 3. Hood pin grounding out.

Q7: Unit clicks 3 times, as soon as the unit is plugged in, and remotes do not function.

A: 1. Clear memory of unit.

Q8: Pressing the STOP button, causes the unit to flash the parking lights none stop for several minutes.

A: 1. Clear memory e-prom of unit and try it again.

Q9: When the vehicle is remote started, the horn sounds and the parking lights flash.....

A: 1. The FASD wire is not connected properly.

Q10: When you press the start button for the PIT STOP function the starter re-grinds.

A: 1. The IGNITION input wire from the unit is not connected properly.

Q11: When you lock the doors by remote the parking light flash 2 times then the doors lock and the parking lights stay on, when you unlock the parking light flash 1 time then unlock.

A: 1. The door lock outputs are connected backwards flip-flop these 2 wires.