MAKE SURE that the RED wire on the #721 harness, when plugged in is next to the DIPSWITCHES, if not the plug is in backwards............



With the RED wire to 12 v constant, connect the WHITE wire to GROUND, measure across the BLUE wire and the YELLOW wire, from the # 721, the resistance value that you have the dipswitches set for should read across these (2) wires, now, remove the WHITE wire from GROUND, and there should be no resistance on these wires.........IF the unit does not show the resistance on these (2) wires when the WHITE wire is on GROUND, or the resistance does not go away when you remove the WHITE wire from GROUND, or if the dipswitches are set to one setting and the BLUE and YELLOW wires show another resistance value, then the unit needs to be serviced............



With the # 721 install as the manual states, check to make sure the unit is operating properly, make sure that the WHITE wire from the # 721 is connected to the WHITE/BLACK (thin) 16 ga. wire on the 3 pin harness coming from the relay pack. The ORANGE wire from #721 must be connected to the YELLOW/BLACK (thin) 16ga. wire on the 3 pin harness coming from the relay pack............press the start button on the remote starter and check the PURPLE wire from the # 721 harness, when the starter is cranking the PURPLE wire MUST SHOW A GROUND, if it does not, make sure the ORANGE wire has a GROUND on it during cranking, if it does, and the PURPLE does not the unit is faulty.....if the PURPLE has a GROUND then proceed to STEP 2.


Check the resistance of the #721 on the BLUE wire and the YELLOW wire, during activation, press the start button on the remote starter, after the starter cranks and releases, the WHITE/BLACK wire from the 3 pin harness GROUNDS the WHITE wire from the # 721, at this time, the #721 throws the resistance out the BLUE and YELLOW wire, the resistance should be the same that you have the dipswitches set for, make sure the the resistance drops out of these (2) wires when the remote starter is cranking, if you are not getting the resistance output and the unit is installed properly or the resistance value is different from the dipswitch settings.


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