If you have an RS1100 or RS1200 and your vehicle runs for several seconds, shuts off, restarts, runs, and shuts off again, perform the following step: Connect the Black/White tach wire (from the 16 pin plug) to the heavy gauge White Ignition 1 wire and program the unit for Tach Mode (bottom of page 19).

RS-1100(RS-114) 1200 and 1300 units TESTING REMOTE STARTER OUTPUT HARNESS:

After you have made your tests on the CONSTANT 12 VOLTS, IGNITION 1, IGNITION 2 ( if required for your vehicle) , ACCESSORY, and STARTER/CRANK wire , and have made your connections by tying the HEAVY gauge wires supplied with our unit to the wires you have tested in your vehicle, you can test the starting section by following these steps:

Step 1. Take the WHITE and the WHITE/RED wire (if you vehicle requires an IGNITION

2) and attach 12 volt CONSTANT from (1) of the RED leads to both of these wires, look at your dash ALL of the lights on the dash should be on as if you have the key turned to the ON position.

Step 2. Take the YELLOW/BLACK wire and touch it to the second 12volt constant RED wire the starter should then engage, once the vehicle has started remove the RED wire from the YELLOW/BLACK .

Step 3. Then take the WHITE/BLACK wire and touch this to the RED wire, while the vehicle is running, make sure that the HEATER/AC switch is in the on position and this should activate the HEATER/AC circuit in the


If all 3 of these steps work properly you have all of the circuits complete, if any of these steps fail, double check your connections, make sure that the RED wires have 12 volts constant and that there is NO factory ANTI-THEFT engaged.........

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