After you have first powered up the # 791, UNPLUG the 8-pin harness from the security module, and attach the BLUE wire from the security module to GROUND, plug the harness back into the #791. When the RED light illuminates (this LED light is to the LEFT of the 8-pin plug on the #791) unplug the 8-pin harness, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in to the #791, when the light illuminates again, unplug the 8-pin harness from the #791, disconnect the BLUE wire from GROUND, plug the #791 back into the 8-pin harness, with the BLUE wire disconnected from ANY CONNECTIONS, start the vehicle with the ignition key, wait until the LED light turns off, the unit has now learned the security code, now connect up the BLUE wire to the input on the remote starter, and try the unit.

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