Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Starters (2)

Q: Do I have to use the Tach wire?

A: No. The Tach is provided in case you have a hard starting vehicle (this is if your vehicle takes more than six seconds of crank time to start). Or if you live in an area of extreme temperatures. In either case the Tach wire provides extra crank time.

Q: What is the difference between Tach Mode and Tachless Mode?

A: The difference is the amount of crank time. In Tach Mode the crank time is approximately six seconds. In Tachless Mode the module will engage the starter up to four times at an interval of 0.5 seconds. Tachless Mode saves you time during the installation due to the fact that you have one less wire to locate and hook up.

Q: Do I need all of these relays if I want to remote start my vehicle only?

A: Yes. The relays provided, whether a three or four relay pack, are used to control power to Ignition 1, Ignition 2, Crank and Accessory. Without these relays the system cannot remote start the engine.

Q: Do I need a relay for Dome Light Supervision?

A: Yes. This feature will turn on the dome light when the doors are unlocked using the transmitter.

Q: Where can I buy relays?

A: To purchase relays, contact Direct Wholesale at 1-800-659-0764..

Q: My vehicle has a factory security system installed. Will this unit still work?

A: Most 1995 and newer vehicles have some type of security system. The Bulldog Security remote starter has a Factory Alarm Shut Down wire included. In some cases, extra relays or modules will be needed. Call Tech Support for more information.

Q: I have an aftermarket security system installed in my vehicle. Can I use the transmitter to operate a Bulldog Security starter.

A: If your security system has a second channel output, currently not being used, it can be connected to the auxiliary input wire from the Bulldog Security remote starter. In this case, when you press the second channel on your aftermarket transmitter, it will now operate the Bulldog Security remote starter system.

Q: What is the yellow wire on the back of the main module?

A: This is the antenna wire which receives the signal from your transmitter. Do not attach this wire to any metal or electrical wiring.

Q: Can I install this unit myself?

A: Yes. These systems are designed to be a Do-It-Yourself system. However, Tech Support is always available if you have any difficulty. 800-878-8007

Q: I had my vehicle serviced and my remote starter system no longer responds to the transmitter commands. What do I need to do?

A: The positive side of the battery may have been disconnected. When reconnected the system will revert back to Lockout Mode. To correct this situation, simply disconnect the module from both wiring harnesses, wait approximately one minute then plug them back in. Your transmitter should now work properly.

Q: When remotely starting my vehicle, after approximately ten seconds, the starter re-engages and grinds against the flywheel. What causes this?

A: If the alternator is not putting out 13 to 14 volts DC, as needed, the system will not denote an increase in voltage and regrind the starter. To solve this, make sure you have the accessory wire (WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPE WIRE) from the relay pack connected to all proper accessory wires in the ignition switch harness.

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