Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Starters

Note: If you purchased a RS82I / RS85I / RS79I there is correction in the manual.

The Yellow with Black (starter crank) and the White with Black (Accessory) wire need to be

switched in the order they are shown in the manual. The owner’s manual on the web

site is correct. The Yellow with Black plugs in closest to the 9 pin harness

Remote Starter Systems

Q: Will this unit work on a vehicle with a standard transmission?

A: The remote starters are designed to work with automatic transmissions only. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this unit be installed in a vehicle with a standard transmission.

Q: Can I use this system on a vehicle with a diesel engine?

A: At this time the ONLY remote starters which are designed to work with diesel engines are the Bulldog remote starters Deluxe 12/22 and the Deluxe 62 units.

Q: Can this system be installed on a carburated engine?

A: The remote starters are designed to work with fuel injected vehicles only.

Q: Where is the ignition switch harness located in my vehicle?

A: The ignition switch harness can be found coming down the steering column. In most cases the ignition switch harness will include approximately five to ten heavy gauge wires that connect to the ignition switch tumbler in the steering column.

Q: Does the remote starter unit mount under the hood?

A: The module and relay harness must be mounted under the dash next to the steering column, this will make it easier when connecting to the ignition harness.

Q: Do I have to use the Hood Pin Switch?

A: The Hood Pin Switch is a mechanic safety device. This is used to prevent the engine from remote starting when the hood is open. This feature is optional.

Q: How does the system know that the engine is running?

A: The system has two ways of knowing this. When in Tach Mode, the unit knows it's running by reading the AC voltage from the negative side of the coil. In the Tachless Mode, the unit knows it's running by reading the DC voltage from the alternator.

Q: Do I have to connect all wires?

A: Depending on what options or accessories you wish to operate, you will use most of the wires on the 18-pin harness. You will notice that four or five wires are not mentioned in the Installation and Operating Guide. Do not use them.

Q: Why do I need extra relays?

A: The remote starter system that you have purchased is a universal kit. It will fit most vehicles. In some cases extra relays are needed to operate features on one car, but may not be needed to operate features on another. If you have questions about this, contact Tech Support.

Q: My vehicle doesn't have an electric trunk release. What can I use this button for?

A: If your vehicle doesn't have an electric trunk release, but does have power windows, you can purchase a window roll up module to operate the windows with this button. It can also be used to operate the sunroof or to flash your headlights.

Q: I installed a remote starter, the system works fine but I have no range. What do I need to do?

A: When installing the unit, antenna placement is critical. If you are using the standard range unit which has the yellow antenna wire make sure this yellow wire is not coiled up or tied in with any other wiring. Bring this wire up into the dash as possible. If at all possible, bring the wire through the plastic of the dash (such as between the dash and the steering column) making sure that this wire is above the window glass area of the driver's door. If you have and "E Model", make sure the long black antenna is exposed vertically or horizontally on the windshield with approximately six to eight inches below the top of the windshield. To get as much length of the antenna exposed as possible, make sure the main module is mounted as far to the left hand side and as high up under the dash as possible.

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