Picture of Alert 400S

Alert 400S

Two Three Button Remote Transmitters, Dual Stage Shock Sensor, Six Tone Mini Siren

2 Three Button Remote Transmitters

  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor
  • Six Tone Mini Siren
  • Active/Passive Arming
  • Starter Disable Relay
  • (+/-) Parking Light Relay
  • (-) Dome Light Output
  • (-) Horn Output
  • (-) Trunk Output 

Alert deluxe security systems offer safety and comfort for you and your family while providing solid protection for your vehicle. All models come standard with programmable ignition controlled door locks, illuminated entry, six tone siren, dual stage shock sensor, and starter immobilizer.


Click here to download the Alert 400S Installation Manual

Click here to download the Alert 400S Owners Manual


$69.95 (USD)